Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well hello folks – goodness it’s been forever and I apologize for the delay.  You know that thing that gets in the way all the time of us keeping each other up to date, yeah, that one, life.  Well, I sort of let it get to me too.  Whoops.  But I’m around now.  In fact, since I’ve been constantly impeded over the last few days while attempting to type even the most minute of emails, I figure it’s about time to get on blogging.
So, I can’t quite remember when I finished my last post (and ironically enough loading my previous blog entries takes forever so I’m going to avoid it) but before I left for Christmast, here’s the big news:  MY LIBRARY GRANT GOT COMPLETELY FUNDED.  I must have plenty of more- than-wonderful friends because within a matter of weeks, I raised over $4000 to help my school establish its first library.  I was so ecstatic when I found out that I called my headmaster at like 10pm just to tell him.  Luckily, he was just as happy as me and didn’t mind being bothered so late.  Unfortunately, I hit this goal right before my big month long stint at home for the holidays so that project has been on standby until my return.  Now that I’m back, we have our first meeting this Saturday to finalize a builder (our last one was given another project at the school recently) and then start the renovations.  We have to finished cementing the inside and outside, paint both parts as well, build some furniture and then buy the new, updated and not-falling-apart textbooks and dictionaries the students are craving.  I can’t wait!  It will be a long and grueling process for sure…it always is when money is involved here…but it’ll so be worth it.  So, whether or not you were one the donors, thank you for your support on this project!
In other news, I had an amazing time at home.  I travel to and from I would’ve gladly substituted for teleportation but luckily it went really smoothly and I arrived safe both ways (and didn’t lose a thing…which should shock some people even more!).  While home for the break, I got some much missed family time with movie nights, cookie baking and even a trip to the Kriskindlemarket in Chicago.  My mum really did a wonderful job being there for me and taking me around to fill up on the all the shopping that I so missed.  We had lunch dates and mall visits and multiple over-an-hour grocery store trips.  I’m pretty gosh-darn lucky. J  As for friends, I got to see almost everyone that is still around the area, and even some people that aren’t, so, while it was incredibly busy, it was so wonderful at the same time.  Made me really look forward to the day when I’ll have to leave my home here forever and go back to first world indulgences.  While I do miss things about the States, I really do like my life here as well.  Ultimately though, if I had to compare, nothing beats speaking really fast abbreviated mumbled slurred English about TV references from your childhood while cruising around with some friends.  It really just feels like home and that’s a great feeling to revel in.
Okay, enough about the States.  I’ve been back at site for almost 2 weeks now and all is back to the way that it was.  It’s like I never left!  My cat still tries to eat all my food, I still wake up to lots of dead bugs on the floor and my neighbors are still constantly trying to highjack food and other various eating utensils covertly from my house.  I do feel a lot more refreshed when it comes to teaching though, and that is a really renewing feeling.  Before I left I felt so bogged down everytime that I had to step into a classroom and overwhelmed when the students just didn’t care but now I think I’ve hit a good medium between trying and letting go.

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