Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Little library update...

So, we are now about 3 weeks into the renovations on the library and everything has been going wonderfully.  After several more negotiations about the pricing of some supplies and furniture, we finally sat down and cemented it all in a contract.  I copied a version that my headmaster gave me from the government offices here and add our own modifications and specific budget.  Then, last Monday, me, one of my teacher counterparts, Mr. Yame, and my headmaster met with the builder and all together signed and stamped the contract.  I was estatic.  Now it is officially onto the waiting game of overseeing the renovations, getting the furniture (which another person is doing) and then I’ll be up to Arusha to buy the books.  The library now has a completed cemented outside and the cement corridor is setting slowly as they wait for it to dry.  The old windows were removed, wire mesh was put on and then metal grill bars to prevent any intrusions.  So, this leaves the finishing of the windows complete with glass panes, the ceiling boards, the grill for the outside door and then painting inside and the outer front.  Should be great!  After that, it is on to setting up the furniture and books.  I’d requested long student study tables to save money and make them more efficient for group work and 3 7-foot wide double-sided shelves.  Should leave space for plenty of books.  So, I’m thinking about another month and hopefully the builder’s work will be done.  Then I’ll get to put a library system in place and head up to Arusha to buy as many books as possible.  I’ve also been working with another NGO (Tanzania Reads) to raise more money for books and they’ve put up a summary and link on their website (tzreads.org/projects/mulbadaw) if you’d like to check it out or donate.  All in all, things are moving along…what a wonderful feeling it is!

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