Sunday, 3 February 2013

And so it begins...a library update!!!

Another beautifully great update about my school…and this time is really is about the library, which is really exciting.  Today is Saturday and I went in with my headmaster for an 8am meeting with two of the other teachers (anyone who knows me is probably really impressed right now at the fact that I actually woke up…granted I did get out of bed at 7:48).  We sat down to talk about the budget and chose which builder we were actually going to use since the one who gave us our initial estimates was actually the one building the laboratory at our school right now.  I gave them the finalized versions of the BOQ along with all the adjustments that’d been accumulated over the last months of grant writing such as wire mesh for the windows, cement estimates for the corridor and to plaster the outside in addition to my requests for the furniture.  At first we decided that we would find two builders, one for the furniture and one for the actually renovations of the building.  Then we started reviewing the details of each part necessary, the windows, ceiling, plaster, painting and corridor.  As they reviewed it, they found the same problems that I’d brought up with my headmaster the previous year.  Since the teacher that’d originally started helping me with the project (a self  proclaimed previous builder himself) got frustrated after about 2 revisions, it’d mainly been me and my headmaster reviewing these prices. *  Well, we felt reasonably confident in our final estimations, and some of the stuff that original teacher had even assured me would be included in the quoted cost.  Well today, just at my newest counterparts, Mr. Yame and Mr. Lohay, were looking over the costs, they noticed discrepancies and asked me about them too.  I had to tell them that I’d been assured that they were taken care of, but, needless to say, I got a little worried again.  I’m not a builder, and as my father can attest, will definitely never be one.  These were all new concepts to me…truckfulls of sand and meters of wire.  However, we noted the problems and decided that we’d compare them with the option of the builders that we talked to.  After about a half an hour discussing how much money we had for what and where it was coming from, we finally went out to the classroom/library-to-be. We noticed several more things to be adjusted, especially missing vents, more broken windows and the positioning of the grill outside the windows.  We would need the fundi (builder) to invert all of the metal windows so that once the wire mesh was attached, you’d still be able to open them from the inside. 

My counterparts decided, that since our original fundi had written the initial BOQ, it made since to ask him first if he’d still do it.  So, we did and, luckily, he accepted!  This would save us a lot of time and trouble finding someone else.  He even said that he’d started preparing some of the furniture last year and he’d like to build it if still possible.  So, we accepted and will be sitting down with him this week to revise the changes to the budget, start the project and write up a contact.  SUCH. GREAT. NEWS. :)

*Side note: This is another reason why I feel really blessed with an awesome headmaster.  When I’d asked him about some of the prices, he told me that he’d get an estimate and the next day called me from Babati with the prices that he’d asked about.  Awesome.

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