Thursday, 31 January 2013

Letter home..

Dear my wonderful parents-

Hey guys!  So, your lovely daughter here just keeping you updated on my life.  Hey, so guess what?  Remember how accident prone I was when I was little?  So much so that after I lost a sewing needle (with which I’d been using to repair old socks…yeah, IDK why either) and then that night got out of bed and stepped on it?  Remember how the tip broke off and we couldn’t find it until a week later, while playing soccer, I realized that the bottom of my foot was kinda sorta hurting really really bad?  And then remember how the xray showed that I indeed did have the tip of a needle in my foot and it had been there for a whole week with me walking on it and I was pretty darn lucky that it was pointed at the bone instead of talking a little trip to my heart?  So, I have some wonderful news for you both!  Not only am I still incredibly accident prone in Afrika as well (no shock there) I’m also not far off from having the exact same problems as my child hood.  Well, of course since you are probably just ecstatic to know, mom and dad, let me tell you.  I was running today as usual.  This was a longer run and about half way through I felt what seemed like a thorn in my shoe.  There are a lot of thorns around my house now that the rainy season has started so this was no surprise.  I kept going and it kept poking me but I just put it out of my mind because this was one of those ignorable pains, like running cramps or little sisters (just kidding, Mish!).  So, anyways, when I finished with my run, I went into my house and attempted to take off my shoes.  Only I couldn’t take off my left one because the further I tried to slide it out, the deeper into my foot this thorn dug.  Yes, the thorn was big enough and at such an angle that the only way it seemed that I could remove my shoe was to dig it deeper into my sole until I could actually slide my foot out.  I looked and looked for the source of this thorn on the bottom of my shoe but it was no wear to be found.  Well, after some debate, and, might I add, a little cringing at the thought of what I was about to do, I twist my shoe around my foot and slowly slid it out.  Whew!  It could’ve been worse but then I looked to discover the source of this agony and there it was, one little needle, about an inch and a half long, stuck in the insert in my shoe.  I looked at the bottom of my foot wear this little guy had been digging at the ball of my foot and there was the mark, a couple centimeters long, wear I ran with it poking me for about 4-5 miles.  Perhaps its time I get the nerve endings in my feet check out.  So, moral of the story, dear parents is that I’m all right and apparently my feet can survive numerous needles.  I’ll be home next jan…Mom, perhaps you should hide all pointy objects just like I was 3 again.

Love and miss you –

Your adoring daughter – Steph

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