Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back in the good ‘ol Tanz to the Nia

Let me detail my travel itinerary back to my Afrikan home:

3:00pm Thurs- left from the airport in Istanbul

6-8pm Thurs-flight to Cairo

8-12 Thurs – layover in Cairo airport

12-6am Fri – flight to Dar-es-Salaam

7am Fri-Taxi to Ubungo bus station (Dar) to find a bus home

8am Fri-Bus leaves from Dar to Singida

6pm Fri – Bus arrives at Singida bus stand (because there are no more cars to Katesh….)

Sleep in Singida

6am- wake up in Singida

7-8:30am Sat – Bus to Katesh

Run errands in Katesh

1:30-3:30 Sat - Bus to Site (Mulbadaw)


After a very very long 3 days of traveling, two of those with little to no sleep, I arrived back at site.  Whew, what a relief.  Or you’d think, but apparently Radi thought that an appropriate greeting would be to move all of my stuff to the floor, including eating through my bags of dried beans and scattering them about.  Oye!  After cleaning up, I started to put my life back in order, including the tons and tons of goodies that I’d collected from Turkey.  I don’t know if my house could be any more stocked that it is now.  Maybe after my parents come….

My first full day back (Sunday) I relaxed relaxed relaxed.  After borrowing some eggs from my neighbors, I made breakfast, sleep a LOT and watched lots of movies.  Oh, the wonders of home.

Monday came around and I had my first day back at school.  Little did I know, that they’d changed our finals schedule (apparently because of a lack of food at the school….) to being a week earlier.  They were supposed to be next week but I arrived in the midst of the students taking their exams and the Form 4’s (who just completed their mock exams last week) being sent home for their mid-school break.  So much for teaching!   I caught up with the teachers, gave some the little gifts that I’d collected while away, and then just started making a TON of phone calls.  Being out of the country for 2 weeks really does put you behind.

I discovered that my couch is finally being made (rocking!) so in a week or so hopefully I’ll have a couch to go with my cushions I had done.  Then, I got details about my trip to Dar in a week (we have Warden training).  I also finalized details with Bella, Justin’s counterpart’s wife, who will be coming from Katesh to Mulbadaw this Friday to visit me along with her 2 year old son, Matinde.  I’m so happy to have them.  A fruit and cell phone vendor biked by and I bought some oranges and avocadoes, but no cell phones.  :) After chatting it up, meeting with the headmaster briefly to finalize things with my library grant and other random details, and helping some of the teachers grade their final exams, I left for town to stock up my house which, while now abound with first world goods, was lacking on the bare necessities, like toilet paper and flour.  Oops.  I said hi to my Mamas in town, picked up some veggies and then all the goods that I needed (flour, sugar, TP, rice) and even 2 fresh fish for Radi.

Back at home, after eating a late lunch, I did about a half hour worth of dishes and gardened quite a bit.  My plants are getting SO big, especially my tomatoes, eggplant and lettuce.  Tomorrow on the agenda is lots and lots of detailed gardening.  Later that night, I visited my headmaster and his wife, giving them some gifts from Turkey and in return, they filled the bag I’d brought all my gifts over in, with veggies from their garden (tomatoes, eggplants and green peppers). Looks like I didn’t even need to actually buy my own veggies then, huh?

That night I relaxed by watching The Descendants and making tuna fish sandwiches on my German bread that Holly supplied me with before leaving.  It feels so great to be home, especially now that I have so many fond memories to reminisce on from İstanbul, İzmir and Kuşadasi.  I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

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