Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mwanzo hauhitaji kuharibu siku nzima

(The beginning needs not spoil the whole day)

Yesterday started off as a bad day.  I was a bit tired because the night before, the headmaster’s wife and  my neighbor, Mama Msami, came over to chat at like 8pm.  I loved talking with her but she didn’t leave until about 9:15 so I still had to lesson prep a bit and get ready for bed.  Then, after leaving my house that morning, about 2 minutes into my bike ride to school my bike tire went flat with a puncture.  Again.  Go figures.  If I don’t get a puncture at least once a week, it’s been a lucky week.  About 5 minutes later, I ran into about 4 of my Form 4 boys on their way to go grind corn for lunch.  So, they offered to help and took it to the fundi (bike shop worker) for me.  I continued on my way, making it to school in time for my second class of the day.  I taught the Form 4A’s the last of Genetics.  After break, I went into Form 4B’s, where we are still in the middle of Genetics, and made up for the class I missed that morning.  After our second break and some quick prep, I taught my last class of the day, Form 3 Reproduction.  This was our second class studying human reproduction and boy did they have questions.  Some of my favorites were these:

-          How big is the biggest penis?

-          If your penis is too long, can it actually pass the cervix?

-          How, if the penis can’t enter the cervix, can the mother birth a child out of the uterus past the  cervix? (This was a good question…)

And my absolute favorite which I found out later many of my teachers also believe is true…

-          When you have sex, and the sperm gets deposited in the vagina, does that make your hips widen/fatten because the sperm is protein?

After class, the students prepped the school grounds for the big soccer match on Friday and I chatted with my teachers.  They make me laugh so hard and I’ve started to become really good friends with one of the Form 6 leavers, Diana.  Her English is impeccable, but we only speak English if I don’t understand what she’s saying.  I love her sense of humor (Its so American) and I’ve lent her a good selection of my DVD’s to watch at home.  Her mother is also the mango/tomato mama that I visit in town all the town.  She is also hilarious, although she doesn’t speak English.

After school,  I passed by the hardware store (Dad, you are really going to be surprised when you see this…it’s a little like Ace Hardware…in the sense that they sell really random things completely unrelated  to hardware…) and asked about the paint I’d ordered.  They said it was in, so I grabbed a liter to finish up my doors and headed to my fundi (tailor) that is making my curtains and couch covers.  He still hadn’t finished yet with either, so tomorrow I’ll make another go around.  Back at home, I finally watered my garden (it’d been two days and those tomato plants were not looking happy), gave Radi some food, did dishes and asked my neighborhood kids to help me collect rocks for the garden.  Kids will be kids because about 15 minutes into the task, they wandered off to go play elsewhere despite being promised candy.  Oh well!  : ) As I went to say hi to Mama Tt she told me that the plumber I’d been asking about was at the neighbor’s house and I could just go over there to talk to him.  I found him with the help of Mlasa (Mama Tt’s kid) and two other little ones and also met a neighbor I’d yet to visit.  She invited me in and told me that she sells milk if I ever need it.   Then, after finding the fundi, he offered to look at the problems right now and came over and inspected my dying bathroom.  Agreeing to come back tomorrow around lunch, he went home for the day and I went on a nice run (watching my ever favorite African sunset on the way).  After coming home and showering, I was in the process of making dinner when Mama Tt knocked at the door, bring me some friend bananas and grilled meat for my dinner.  That woman can really be a life-saver!!  And, I think I’ve told her about 4 billion times how much I loved her grilled meat (It’s seriously amazing!).  I added it to the fried rice and grilled veggies I was making.  She also told me that she’d asked around about the charcoal I needed and told me the price they were selling it at.  Not too expensive, but still out of my price range for now.  She agreed that it the price seemed like it was going to go up, she’d buy some for me and I’d pay her back later since I was going to be traveling soon anyways. So, during dinner, I watched about 3 episodes of Alias while Radi vegged on my lap and passed out rather early.  Teaching and running make one tired!  Goodnight world!

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