Thursday, 10 May 2012

Majirani mazuri (Great neighbors)

Today I decided to take things slow.  I had a fundi (plumber) coming over in the afternoon and since I’d taught to much the last 3 days, I didn’t actually need to go to school.  After a morning of waking up late (7:00 instead of 6:30) I watched some Alias, fed Radi and went online for a smidge.  As I was making coffee and contemplating breakfast, I decided to refill my water tank (I’d been watering my garden a LOT and I didn’t want it to get too low).  I stepped outside to see my neighbor (Mama Tt) chatting in her front yard.  We waved hi and I went back inside to get started on some school work.  A half an hour later, the plumber came and knocked on my door.  He was in the area and Mama Tt had told him that I was still home.  Again, I love my neighbors.  So, I showed him the shower that was clogged and he spent about a half hour using a plunger to unclog it and then fashioning a rod out of a stick and sticking that down the pipe to clear it.  It seemed effective because when he left, it drained  lot better.  He said he’d come back around lunch to fix the sink and the toilet seat.  Oh! I love progress!

So, deciding upon pancakes, I went over to my neighbors across the way to buy some.  This was my first time actually visiting so, as a Tanzania would have it, she invited me in for some chai (tea) and gave me Makande (beans and corn), milk chai and some home cooked bread.  It was delish.  I’m so lucky!  We chatted about school, her kids, Tanzania in general and her home.  Later, as I went to leave, she gave me the half liter of milk and said “don’t worry about paying this time.  This one’s on me.”  Oh!  How I love Tanzanian generosity.  So, not only did I get some conversation and free milk, but now I don’t have to cook breakfast since I’m all full from the tea and bread.

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