Friday, 4 May 2012

Little life lessons...Masomo madogo ya maisha

Lessons I’ve learned in Tanzania thus far…aside from Kiswahili

Masomo yangu ambayo nimejifunza kwenye hapa sasa hivi…kando ya Kiswahili

1)       As mentioned previously, wine can be enjoyed alone.  And still tastes just as wonderful without cheese

2)      A day spent in bed is not a day wasted.  Rather, a chance to catch up on some much needed TV time, or thinking time, or just being alone time.  And it always goes by much faster than one might think.  I love my days alone.

3)      The wind picks up significantly before it rains.  Maybe that’s just here???

4)      Neighbors that will do anything for you…rock!  Whether that means bringing over lunch because you looked really busy with housework and didn’t have time to cook or sending their son to meet you at the bus stop because you have a LOT of stuff to tote home.  Or maybe just had a few extra carrots around that they wanted you to have.  Oh, you wanted examples that weren’t just from this week?  I have plenty of those too.  I love my neighbors.

5)      American’s are constantly stimulated.  We are so spoiled in America, not just by things and stuff and accessability, but also the possibility of having things to always keep your mind going.  It’s awesome.  And when you’re sitting quietly somewhere it seems like a huge waste of time.  Which is good and bad.  Sometimes we just need to appreciate the quiet.  And other times it’s nice to know that we feel pressure to make things reach culmination.  Go us!

6)      No matter what country you are in, children love to play, adults love to gossip, students love to do anything other than study, and people in government will abuse their positions.

7)      The basic necessities of any household are hammer, nails, tape and string…with this you…or maybe just I…can do anything.

8)      French music sounds better in the morning while sipping coffee

9)      Tanzanian’s hate flavorful food.

And…as for my lessons about myself:

1)      My motivation to do something is consistently swaying.  Sometimes I really care about teaching…other times I really don’t.  Sometimes I’m a neat freak.  Other times I’m not.  Unfortunately, here, not being a neat freak means finding a lot more bugs in your clothes.  And not caring about something…usually means that thing, whether buying milk or lighting the stove, will never get done.  Considering things take a bit more effort, a lack of motivation is magnifying…but still not daunting.  Just puts life in perspective.

2)      I could eat white rice everyday forever.

3)      I love reading dictionaries.  Like am addicted.  It takes me like 20 minutes to look up a new word because I keep getting distracted by all these words that I don’t know.  So nerdy.  But awesome.  Makes me much more excited about learning Kiswahili.

The end. : )

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