Friday, 11 May 2012

“Find a happy place, find a happy place” (Finding Nemo)

So these past weeks have led me to a wonderful realization.  I’m so happy here!  Don’t worry family, not happy enough to never come home… But seriously, really, completely, whole-heartedly happy.  Yes, there are many moments and days that things go wrong, I get super annoyed or I just miss my American bed, but those are incredibly out-numbered by the times that I think, “Wow!  This is a beautiful, wonderful place to live and I’m so incredibly blessed to be given this chance.” These times occur when I’m biking to school (without a puncture in my tire), when I have random conversations in Kiswahili, when I visit my Tanzanian friends in town, when I’m laughing with my teachers so hard that my tummy hurts, when I’m teaching and the students ask me some question that makes me realize “they DO understand”, when I’m running my favorite path at sunset.  So so so many times.  And as that African sun slowly begins to creep behind the vast array of clouds, and the yellow-orange beams turn the sky shades of pink, purple and blue that I’ve never seen before, I count my blessings again and know that, just like no sunset is the same, no two places on Earth are the same.  This one place, my current home, happens to be the place that’s making me the happiest.  And I don’t long for American luxuries (as my teachers call it) or a white person to hang out with, I know that I’m happy here, in this moment and it is fulfilling enough to enjoy completely.  And the hope of exploring more places and finding again and again, other unique places that make me this happy, is overwhelmingly encouraging.  So I just smile to myself because, finally, I’ve learned to enjoy the moment.  And that moment is beautiful.

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