Saturday, 24 March 2012

A day in the life (get the Beatles reference???)

Today is Saturday. It started out normal. It ended normal. And there’s lots of normal stuff in between. Like having a dog walk inside my house and steal Radi’s bowl b/c there was left over scraps of food in it. And then having me chase him down until he finally dropped it. Or perhaps there is the normalness of running through fields of sunflowers during an evening jog. That normal feeling of having thousands of sunflowers taller than your head stream pass you as you bop along to Coldplay or perhaps the talented Lupe Fiasco is just normal bliss. There’s the normalness of watching an African sunset upside down. With your head hanging off a cement water tower as you lie on your back and gaze so far into the distance you swear you see the pyramids. There’s the normal rebellion of 3 month old Radi who has decided that despite being spoiled beyond belief, he’d like to eat the green beans that you’ve cooked for yourself, not the American cat treats that he has lying around in his bowl. Or the other bowl of fresh milk. No no no. He’d like your dinner, thank you very much. Another normal thing? Having that bump on my head because for some reason I didn’t see the chair right next to me and hit my forehead smack in the middle. Gosh darn glasses with no peripheral vision…ergh. There’s the usual multiple pots of water that I boiled today…for drinking, bathing and cooking. There’s the usual Saturday 8 hour charcoal-a-thon where I start the charcoal stove at like 11am and keep it lit until 8pm. That means I can accomplish my normal Saturday baking of banana bread, muffins/bread and some sort of bean concoction. Today’s variety? Little green peas called choroko that I mixed with coconut milk, oil, onions and curry. Result? Pretty delicious…not the worst of my experiments that’s for sure. The worst was probably the day that I decided to make a banana and jelly sandwich (sometimes you are veryyyyyy limited in available items…) and, oh goodness, disgusting. There’s the usual dusk-time drawing of my chicken-pattern curtains. And the turning on of my little Christmas tree-now night light. So all in all…a normal normal day. And I didn’t even go into the village. I had to save some normal chores for tomorrow. Night night.