Wednesday, 21 December 2011

“It’s like I waited my whole life for this one night…and dance forever…”

Forever: Chris Brown

Sometimes all I want to do is just have a huge dance party either by myself or with everyone else. Doesn’t matter. I just want to burst out dancing. And sometimes I do. One of the things that I really do like about Tanzanians is their love of American pop music (that seems like a tradition that traverses continents) and the other day I met Justin’s previous counterpart before Antonio, who is actually Antonio’s little brother Benny. We sat in Justin’s lil living room and listened to the most recent pop songs and music videos and amidst the music, we’d burst out dancing as we did random tasks the rest of that day. I love how I don’t ever have to feel embarrassed to dance here and that they dance just as ridiculously as I do. One of my favorite moments from IST is the random dance party that me Hannah and Mar had in our house one night. We blared Justin Beiber and Lonely Island and Rihanna and went crazy. Sometimes I wonder why I feel so free here. Maybe it’s because sometimes the stress of living here gets to be more than I feel like thinking about. I don’t think that I’d cope as well without music. In fact I know that for a fact because after my Ipod got stolen, I went through a funk and really missed having it while running or traveling. There’s so many stimuli between other Tanzanians talking, Tanzanians talking TO you, random shouts of “mzungu” and other heckles and just the loud blaring of repetitively annoying gospel music that you just need to escape into your own thoughts. I’m so glad that I got a new Ipod. Thank you parents for sending it because it made me happier that I’d ever imagine. I feel whole again. Maybe its just the option of being able to escape from it all that is enough. Despite getting back my Ipod, I still haven’t picked up running again like I had been before and maybe I just don’t need it as much, maybe its because of the incessant rain, or maybe its just because I’ve found other things to relax me and make me happy. Like dancing.

“All you gotta do is watch me…look what I can do with my feet"

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