Wednesday, 9 November 2011

It’s all in the way that you mix the two….

This past week, after staying at site for, oh, a whole 2 complete days, I went to Katesh on Friday and then Singida. We were throwing a “Welcome Back, Huong” party for, well, Huong. : ) She’d been in the states for a month after having all her stuff stolen during training made her a little more than wary of living alone at site. She returned happy, healthy and which a crap-ton of new stuff. Woot woot! (and of course, this is the week that I get my Ipod stolen….oh, it just figures….) So, we started out mini bar crawl on Friday when we all met up. It was me, her, Justin and people from Singida, Dodoma and Kili region. Oh, the awesomeness of it all! We all bonded super well and the night even consisted of me and Justin starting a dance party on what was initially an empty dance floor during the song “Waka waka.”
The next day, after waking up late, running errands and hitting up the safi dukas (the nicer shops…which actually just resembled gas station convenient stores but here…that’s high class), we decided to have a picnic on the rocks. Complete with fresh baked rolls from the bakery, we made sandwiches of avocado, cheese (OMG Cheese!) and tomatoes and then loaded up on chips, mangoes and popcorn. The hike out to the rocks that over look the lake in Singida is about an hour and its definitely worth it. We even got to watch a rain storm in the distance that completely passed us by. As we ate, sunbathed and danced to some American tunes blaring from the Ipod and speakers we brought, happiness emanated. It was glorious. What a great great day. And, to complete it all, we got a bit lost on the way home and ended up taking the long way around. But, that’s kinda expected.
That night ended with 2 scrumptious cakes baked by Alana and Mel and decorated by yours truly and then a huge poster that we all signed. As the electricity fluctuated in the bar that night, we burst into bouts of “Happy Birthday” to Huong (there’s no well-known “Welcome back” song…) and enjoyed the bongo flava music blaring in the background.
*In case you were wondering, this title refers to the two different lives that I’m leading. Between traveling and making Katesh my second home and then returning to site to teach, I feel like I’m in 2 different worlds. Sometimes the change is nice, but the hardest part is switching between the two. After I get to one place, I’m happy. But the transition, ergh, it just makes me want to stay. However, without all this constant travel and stimulation, I think that I’d just end up going crazy. You can only take so much of Tanzania for so long before you need other white people. Wazungu, ninawapenda.

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