Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to Be a Genius In Tanzania…

Today, as I was getting a lift home from school with my mkuu, we passed by the center of the village. I hadn’t visited Mama Diana/Mary recently (she was previously my tomato mama, but now that mango season has started, she’s currently my mango and onion mama….so, anyways….). After the usual greetings, she told me to say hi to her friend, Mama Fatuma, whom she’d introduced me to last week. I headed towards the nearest Mgahawa and found her sitting there eating something that resembled the Tanzanian equivalent of fast food, chipsi mayai (this literally translates into fries and eggs…which is really all that it is….). But, this concoction was missing the “chipsi” part (the fries) and instead included tomatoes, mangoes and onions. Thinking it entirely odd that she was eating fruit and vegetables in was is basically an omelet, I inquired. First, she insisted that I taste it, then made me finish the rest. OMG was it good. I have no idea why no one has ever thought of doing that before but, holy crap, delicious! I immediately texted Huong (One the one who’s party we just had in Singida) telling her that we needed to add this to the list of “Things to sell late at night next to a college campus.” Between all the fried foods that Tanzanians make, chipsi mayai and this…I don’t think that I’ll ever need to find a real job. Now if only we could think of a clever name….

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