Sunday, 13 November 2011

“All you gotta to is watch me, look what I can do with my feet”

Song of my week: Forever- Chris Brown (if only I could run to this song)

This week has consisted thus far of returning to site early Tues morning and sorting out how to cover the last bits of material I want to teach before composing the final. After finishing teaching this week, I decided to dedicate my life to running. And run I did. Ever since getting my Ipod stolen, I’ve had wavering feelings about getting my butt out the door to run. And those feelings basically made me reevaluate why I liked running so much. With an Ipod in my ears, I can drown out the whole world: Tanzania, my thoughts, the state of my body…everything. And its glorious because all you want sometimes is just not to be present…especially when your day usually consists of having to be extra present in even just normal conversation just to follow what is being said. However, through losing my Ipod, I’ve found a new appreciation for this passion that I’ve cultivated ever since high school. After about the first thirty seconds of jogging, exercise become passion and I just feel so happy with myself. It’s not the music, the world, or some other purpose that I feel this but the mere and complete satisfaction that washses over my body as I feel my feet pound the dirt and my muscles work in rhythmic, repetitive motion. It’s glorious and wonderful. I feel so me and I didn’t appreciate it before because I could drown out reality with my music. But when it’s just me and ground, a new passion arises and I discovered that 1) I run better because I’m more in touch with my body 2) I realize more of my surroundings and appreciate them more 3) I like running better without music. Because running becomes just that…running. No bother with words, songs, other’s laments about life…it’s just me. A happy me. I love it. On Saturday, fueled by one too many banana pancakes, I ran for 1 hour and 20 minutes and discovered the nearest village, Mulbadaw, that I’d been hearing about since coming to site but had yet to visit. I felt so strong throughout the whole run and afterwards, ready to go again. The next morning, that’s what I did. I woke up early and all I could think of was getting out the door. So, at 7:15, I stepped into a cloudy awaking world and pounded out 4 more miles. Beautiful. I like the world better before it wakes up.

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