Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Aunt Donna

I dedicate this post to my Aunt Donna…who has written me beautiful cards and sent me such charming packages. I got my second package from her today, while I was still recovering from being sick, and it made me so so so happy. It was such a nice surprise and she included the best assortment of goodies. I got candy and chocolate (yay!) and trail mix and pens and toothbrushes and even crayons. And then she wrote me a wonderful letter about how the fam is doing at home. I’m in the process of writing her back…I can’t wait to finish it. She is so wonderful that she deserves 10 letters to her one. She keeps telling me how inspiring I am and how much she loves me, but I don’t think that she realizes how inspired by her I am as well. I admire the way that she gives of her time, love and care without ever thinking of herself, especially when it comes to taking care of my grandma. I think that my mom would be lost without her since she is such a gentle, generous woman who my mom confides in. And, when it comes to me, I admire her constant persistence in sending me love and prayers. I pray for you too Aunt Donna! All my love - Steph

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