Tuesday, 18 October 2011

And back at site...

Yesterday went a lot better than the night before. I didn’t puke at all and my stomach just felt mildly nauseous. Sorry if that’s too many details. My neighbor stopped by and brought me over chai and dinner when she found out I was sick, which was great. I had to miss Charlotte’s going-away party but I don’t think that I really miss all that much since she said it was short and she got lots of presents. One of them wa a gorgeous shuka turned into a traditional Barabaq dress which was so cool because they are personally made and crazy authentic.

My Kiswahili kicked in quick when the doctor that I happened to be riding next to on the bus called me and then one of the kijana around town who frequently gives me lifties also called. Then my mkuu stopped by to pick up Charlotte and asked how I was doing. I had had a malaria test kit setn up from Katesh that day with one of the teachers, and they’d given it to him so he gave me that as well. The PCMO wanted to make sure that I didn’t have malaria just to be safe. It tested negative, which was great : ) so now I’m just going to rest tomorrow and see how I feel. Hopefully better since I want to go to Singida on Friday with Charlotte and all of them. She’s taking the only adapters to the outlets here with her to turkey, so I need to find new ones. And quick. Either the Swedish-->Tanzanian or American --> Tanzanian. But I need to do it fast b/c otherwise I’ll be charging all my stuff at my neighbors until I get back. Oye.

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