Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tena! (Again)

You know that you are in Tanzania when...
You see a man in a bar wearing a life jacket...and when your friend inquires into the reason behind his attire, he says its for protection when riding his pikipiki (motorcycle) and, upon further interrogation, no, he does not plan to go swimming today.

You know you are in Tanzania when...
You wait 3 hours to get a bank account and the main reason behind the enlongated process is because the passport photos you brought them had the wrong color background. APPARENTLY blue is the only acceptable color for passport photos. Yep.

Song that made my day: "Coconut Tree" by Mohombi

So, I got back early this week from a long stint in Singida and then back in my region, Manyara, exploring the area, meeting a ton of PCV's and, of course, banking. Singida was great. I took a 2 hour, mostly standing, bus ride from Katesh to there in the morning and met up with all the former trainees in that area, Mel, Alana and Kiki and also met some from Singida as well. We stayed at a nice guesti (hostel) and explore the city a lot. You can buy EVERYTHING there. It was super wonderful. And its somewhat sandwiched between 2 lakes. I loved it. I'm definitely going to visit a LOT. I was super super happy to just be free to travel and see new things and familiar rocked. So we partied it up that night and then in morning went to chai, ran some errands and then headed to the bus standi to catch a bus back to Manyara.

There is some craziness going on with the buses here now (its not logical, of course) but because there was a bus accident somewhere nearby, the buses are limiting the number of standing passengers that they accept. So, they are only allowing standing passengers for the people who are going to far off places, like Arusha or Moshi. The logic is literally nonexistent but alas, they still were being sticklers, so we resorted to another method to go to Endasek (its like 30 minutes past Katesh). We hopped in a taxi and drove like 10 minutes away, past the police check point and waited for the bus there so that we could bored. Yep. Welcome to Tanzania! But it worked and we made it to Endasek just fine :) Hot and tired, but safe nonetheless.

So, we went to Endasek and saw Dana's gorgeous site right at the base of Mt. Hanang. It was a super good time with good music, lots of baked goods, strong drinks and dinner...I should actually say feast...prepared by a local mama. Super yummy. I haven't been that full in a while. The next day, we headed back to Katesh where about 6 of us stayed to enjoy hanging out for one more night. It was a great time and the next morning as I sat on the bus, I was sad to leave. Luckily (sarcasm intended), I didn't have to leave right away because although the bus conductor said that it was going to leave at 11...we left closer to 12. They were doing repairs on it up until like a half an hour before we left. I was not surprised at all. : ) And I made it home eventually and safely, which is all that matters.

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