Monday, 5 September 2011

Kwendelea... (To continue...)

You know you are in Tanzania when...
when you are passed by a man riding a bicycle with a live chicken head sticking out of the cardboard box on the back while you are walking to go see (and touch) a dead lion that is in the back of someone's car at the police station.

You know you are in Tanzania when... (this one is cute)
on your bus ride home, the driver actually gets out of his seat to let you out and then the entire bus says good bye to you (half in English) as the conductor waves enthusiatically and even before going 10 feet father, a group of children come over and offer to hold you bags for you and walk you home.

You know you are in Tanzania when...
you buy a soda at a little duka and they refuse to even let you walk across the street to drink it unless you put down a deposit of 1,000 Tsh so that they know you'll return the bottle.

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