Thursday, 1 September 2011

I just wanna daa-a-a-ance

Fav. song of my run: "Who's that chick" ...David Guetta, you rock my life.

Today was pretty mundane by mundane standards. But also awesomely relaxing. And by Tanzanian standards, I got a bit done. I woke up feeling super exhausted because for some reason, I dreamt (despite waking up multiple times during the dream) that I was somewhere and I had to pack all of my things. I think I was in an airport for a portion of it. I just remember an insanely long drawn out process of compacting all that I own into my suitcase. Perhaps its a metaphor for my life...

Philosophical questions aside, the day went as follows. Woke up tired (see paragraph one). Made French toast with sugar on top b/c...well, I have yet to find syrup in Tanzania. Also made instant coffee which I sipped while I ate the French toast and looked out my back door at my dirt pile of a yard and the pretty rolling hills beyond (oh, the tasks that I could undertake while here! ...aka gardening). So, after breakfast, I went back to bed. Yeah that's right. It was awesome, not going to lie. Although at first I did feel a little guilty. Guess I should've prefaced this by saying that today was a school holiday. So, I really didn't have any responsibility all day except to figure out when I needed to go to school tomorrow. So, I finished the movie that I feel asleep to last night (The Social Network...SO good. I could watch that first scene so many times). Then, after sufficiently running out of things to do on the internet, downloading a calendar (yeah, my desire for organization has not wavered in the slightest)and repairing my teddy bear (his arm was ripping) I went back into the kitchen to start on some chores. Spent like an hour doing dishes. I scrubbed some of the pots SO well because, well, they needed it. And I had, after all, splurged on cleaning supplies. Then I started on my laundry. But after putting the first batch in the bucket, I realized that they needed to soak for a while, so I went back to my room, put on some music, and started looking up words that I wanted to know in Kiswahili. Admist this bold adventure (note: sarcasm) I realized that I was hungry, so I attempted to made uji (like porridge) since I'd kinda run out of food. The bread I'd bought a few days ago was finally moldy. Uck. So, on my second try, I succeed (apparently you can't add the uji flour AFTER the water boils, only before. Huh.) Although I made way way too much and threw like 1/2 of it away because, well, that stuff is filling. So, 3pm rolled around, and I decided to finally start my laundry and also call my Mkuu. We decided on 7:30 to be picked up for school tomorrow and I also asked him about the plumber I'd asked to come (our bath tub doesn't drain all that quickly). He said he'd ask him today and then, half an hour later, called back and said he was coming right now. Woot! Although, Tanzanian time, this means in an hour or two. Which was perfect because I finished my laundry, hung it on the line and also, then, had time to look up the words that I thought I'd need to talk to the plumber (such as "to repair" "to be clogged" and "pipes"). The plumber came after about an hour and he was so great. He bascially spoke no English, but through my limited Kiswahili and his gestures, I think we understood each other. He was shocked at the state of the bathroom (good to know that I wasn't the only one...) and we he discovered that the toilet smelled because it didn't work properly, the shower head didnt work, there was a pipe missing from the sink in the bathroom and that the sink in the other room (the one that does work...) was attached to pipes wrapped in electrical take he just kept saying "shida kubwa" (big problem). lol. It was amusing. I told him my first priority was getting the tub to drain, which he said should be fine. I also really wanted that sink taken care of in the bath room becuase it looked sick and seemed like an easy fix (just add a pipe) and he said that he even had the parts at home to fix it. Then, he also said that he could send someone else over to look at the shelf the sink was fitted into because, well, its just falling apart. So, yeah, he was really helpful and seemed like he'd be pretty prompt about it all, so I was really satisfied when he left. I can't wait to have a somewhat acceptable bathroom! I also made a point to tell him that I had little money to spend on the project becuase I'm a volunteer, and he said that it shouldn't cost too much. But they always say that, so I'm going to verify that with the mkuu.
Anyways...the rest of the night I went on my longest run since being at site (I don't know distances here yet) and also cooked an awesome awesome fried rice with carrots and onions and eggs. Oh! So yummy. So now I pack for tomorrow because...
I'm going to visit Singida, my actual banking town (I have yet to open up an account in Katesh) tomorrow. I talked with the mkuu later tonight and told him that I want to go there tomorrow instead of school because we only have a half day and also I need money. Luckily, he has a meeting in Katesh tomorrow morning, so I can grab a ride with him to Katesh and then find a bus to Singida. I'm a bit nervous (as always when traveling a new route) but it should be great. I already told some PCV's that I'm coming so they can meet me at the bus standi and then they are having a party for lots of various reasons, so I can't wait :) Also, I really do need money. Then, on Saturday, I'll travel back to Manyara with 2 of those PCV's for a get together in my region with the people by me. I can't wait :)
So, kesho, baby, kesho. All my love. <3

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