Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"Hear my thoughts in every note...this melody was meant for you"

Running song of the day: Stereo Heart - Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine

It's amazing how little I have to do to feel accomplished. I don't really think that I've done much today. Wrote a LOT of letters, emails, fbook wall posts, journal entries. Cooked lunch. And dinner. And had a cup of coffee. I set up the water to wash my laundry, but I still haven't done that yet. Bado. But at least I didn't nap today. I broke that cycle. It's amazing how much you can sleep when you aren't doing much. But I will go running. That's a definitely. And tomorrow I WILL buy things. Yep. That's a good accomplishment. Oh, and go to school. Also admirable. I don't really know what I'll do at school. Probably prepare lessons. And talk to a lot of teachers. Freedom is so freeing. And it makes me focus on things that I'm passionate about. Running. Painting. Reading. Writing. Talking to friends. It rocks. Americans should try this more. And eating healthy. I ate the best assortment of beans, rice, and veggies today. Granted I have coffee, but taht was a treat. And I don't think that I've even had such a low level of sugar cravings in my life. I have a pack of starbursts and mini m&m's that I haven't touched in like 2 weeks. And I don't think that I'll eat them today. Granted, I have other vices that I've been indulging in more like drinking beer or eating greasy foods, but its always when we are all hanging out together and its a social/availability thing. And then, I go back to being my myself and I just feel healthy. My body is thanking me. No breakouts, no tight muscles, no haedaches. It's amazing. Fresh food and a low stress lifestyle does wonders for the American body. This is a bot of an odd post but it's what's going through my head right now so, yep, there's that. :) Lots of love. Upendo nyingi.

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