Monday, 22 August 2011

“You’ve come so far. Well done darling.”

Song of the Day: Kate Nash – Paris

So, today I found out my final score for my LPI (language proficiency exam). I the grading system goes like this:
Beginner- low/ mid/ high
Intermediate – low/mid/high
Advanced – low/mid/high
Superior (which is when you are fluent)
On the mid training exam I scored an intermediate Mid, which is the minimum that you need by the end of training (or so they say) to be sworn into service as a PCV. So, I took my LPI last week and just discovered that I got Advanced – Low. Which I really happy about and is about the highest that I know of any of the other trainee’s here getting. I think that the reason that I progressed so much is because I have no problem going up to people and attempting to talk to them in Kiswahili and I like learning new words. Also, I’d been spending a lot of my free time after school and when I was a home, the backyard studying Kiswahili and talking to my host fam, which really really improves your language. The hardest part is definitely listening to them talk. I can form my own sentences decently well, and pretty fast now that I’ve used the vocabulary that I know like a LOT, but hearing what they are saying and interpreting it as fast as they say it is a whole ‘nother ball game. It’s the most challenging part, I think, and about ½ of the time I just agree and only really kind of understand what they are trying to say. But if I agree to something ridiculous, they usually call it out, which is great. So, yeah, I was happy with that.

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