Wednesday, 31 August 2011

To continue in the style of my last post...

You know you’re in Tanzania when…you are sitting at a bar being ignored by the waitress for a good 10 minutes even though she acknowledged you and even said hi already, and a vendor strolls in with 2 bundles of sneakers swinging from his arms and you aren’t in the least bit phased…but actually more amused as he wanders to your table and you pretend to be mildly interested.

You know you’re in Tanzania when…you see 2 cattle drinking water out of a random bucket in the middle of the bus stand.

You know you’re in Tanzania when… you are just walking around and some bibi (grandma) you pass by grabs your entire head, kisses both sides of your face and mumbles Kiswahili that vaguely resembles a blessing with extreme intensity and graciousness and then proceeds to hold your hand until you walk away.

You know you’re in Tanzania when…you are running, or doing any form of physical labor, even walking, and multiple people tell you “pole” which is “I’m sorry”. All you really want to do is ask “why?” but you know that they don’t really have a reason, they are just being polite. So you say “asante” back but in actuality, all you’re really thinking is “do I really look that tired???”

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