Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Statistics Tanzanian style

Number of times I’ve been asked if I liked black people: 4

Number of hot showers I’ve taken in-country (hotels included): 5

Number of times I’ve been asked to be someone’s “mpenzi”: 3-4

Number of marriage proposals: 0 (whew!)

Number of things that I’ve lost but have somehow managed to find again via other people’s efforts: 3

Number of times I’ve been called mzungu: Oye…don’t ask

Number of beer brands I’ve tried: 12 (The Kick, Kili, Safari, Seregeti, Tusker, Ndovu, Castle Light, Castle Milk Stout, Eagle Light, Eagle Dark, Tusker Lager, Red’s …although that may not count as beer)

Number of times I’ve eaten meat: 5 (sambusas at msimbazi, meat sandwich after our hike, a single bite at my host fam’s, Ramadan feast in Dar and kiti moto adventure in Katesh)

Number of days I’ve missed English: Um, how long have we been in country?

Number of times that I’ve tried to speak Kiswahili, failed, and regretted the attempt: 0

Number of full days I’ve been at my site: 5

Number of times I’ve been running at my site: 3

Number of days till I’m done with my service: 724

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