Friday, 26 August 2011


Here's a quick update: I got to my
site at like 10:30/11 at night. My bus had left the bus station at
Dar at like 6am so it was an insanely long trip, esp the part after we
reached Babati and drove for like 4 hrs in the dark to my town. It's
pretty far out here. My Mkuu is really nice and the area right around
the main road (by Babati, is really pretty). My site, however is
insanely flat and looks a bit like its out of the Lion King. While my
house is big, its in quite disarray. There are just cobwebs and
spiders and broken things everywhere. It was a big disappointing, I
think that one of my big tasks will be to clean things up as much as
possible. While there is running water, its only in one sink. The
electricity is always on from 11pm-8am, and sometimes before then. I
still need to find out the schedule. So, the downfalls so far, are
the house and the surrounding area and, most of all, the volunteer
that I'm replacing. She is NOT happy that I'm staying with her for
her last 2 months of service. She had a really really really hard
first few months at site and so I think that a bit of her disdain for
me is the fact that I have it so good right when i get to site b/c
there is already like cooking pots and a stove and bed sheets and she
has figured out details about living here like transportation and
such. So, yeah, it wasn't all that welcoming. So, today I slept a
LOT (I was soooo tired since we woke up at 4:30 yesterday to get to
the bus station on time) and I cooked myself some food on the kerosene
stove and now I'm just trying to unpack and organize things as best as
I can. She kinda is living in the room that I'll get when she leaves,
so that kinda stinks too. Oye. Well, these next couple weeks are
going to be hard, but I think that I just have to push through and
remember that I have IST (inservice training) in 3 months and that is
WILL get better as I figure more things out. Also, the real plus side, is that I will have really reliable cell
service and it looks like internet is working good I'll be
able to skype.

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