Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mimi si mwongo. Wewe ni mwongo.

Rogers taught me today the word for liar. My whole host fam here loves to joke and be sarcastic (score one for the Tanzanians) and so Diana told me today that she was leaving until tomorrow when she was actually just walking her husband down the road to his ride to town. And so when she came back, I asked her if it was tomorrow. She just smiled her little satisfied smirk. Oh, Mujuju family, you keep me amused! The title of this post translated is: I’m not a liar. You are a liar.

So I’m planning my lessons for the last week of internship teaching. And I couldn’t be happier to have an end in sight. When teaching 90+ Form 1’s (yeah, the class size has increased despite the stagnant number of desks…) just feels like babysitting and Kiswahili lessons seem to drone on and on, it’ll be nice to change the scenery. I can’t wait because after this week, things will start moving very fast. So I’ve realized that I need to put up the last bits of our training schedule so you (parents…) are able to keep track of where I’ll be for the next few weeks. So here it is:

Aug. 1-4: Last week of internship teaching and Kiswahili lessons
Aug 5: CCT day of our final written Kiswahili exam and SITE ANNOUNCEMENTS
Aug 6: Go to the Nanenane festival with my host fam
Aug 7-14: Shadow volunteer in Moshi
Aug 15 – 19: Last week of CCT with final education sessions and swearing in preparation
Aug 20: Last day with host fam
Aug 21: Travel to Dar (woot!!!)
Aug 22: Visit TZ PC headquarters (in Dar) and wrap up any info sessions
Aug 23: Meet heads of schools and finish swearing in prep
Aug 24: Swearing in (eek!)
Aug 25: Installation with heads of schools (aka…figuring out the real logistics of my next 2 years)

The end for now. This is all that we know. I will be going to site soon after swearing, if not immediately after. At site, I’ll have a counterpart (Host Country National – HCN) to help me figure out how/where to buy things that I need, set up a PO Box and other details I might need to know. Additionally, I may have a site mate (another PCV in a different program, like environment or health and education) or a family that I’m associated with the help accustom me to the site. Because I’m a teacher, my housing is provided by the school, so it’ll probably be pretty close to the school. I probably won’t have running water or electricity, which will stink b/c we having running water like 3 or 4 days/week here and electricity about 5 days/week. Also, I’ll know then too what internet service I can use so hopefully we can figure out the logistics of skype and such. Also, being a teacher, I’m lucky because I’ll already (hopefully) have a support network within the school of people that I know and who I’ll become close too. Additionally, I’ll need to make sure to make an effort to get to know my neighbors and villagers, but its nice to know, starting off, that I’ll have a group to join. Teachers are super well respected here and it’s a highly prestigious profession so I’ll need to be sure to dress formally and act professional and serious about my job, since I’m expected to uphold this standard.

I will start accumulating vacation days after I’ve been at site for 3 months, but I do get 4 days/month to travel on weekends to the closest banking town. This is for getting internet, money, access to a post office, food, etc. These days are not included in our vacation days. Then, after 3 months at site, I’ll travel to Dar for a week or two on IST (In service training) where I’ll meet back up with my training group. Additionally, after IST, I’ll have regional meetings with the people in my district (which will depend on where I’m placed) and MST (Mid service training) which will take place next August. Everyone says the time flies. I’m hoping that’s true, but if so, then it’ll probably also be true that I want the time to go slower. If I do decide that I want to stay longer than two years (at this point,that decision is too far away to even consider) I could extend for a year or more. This is ideal for PC, and what they actually want because then they don’t have to pay to send another volunteer here and put them through training again.

Alas, bedtime. Good night. Lots of love and all the best (Ninatupenda na kila la heri)

PS. Cass, in your response letter I forgot to say congrats to Larissa. So, please tell her congrats!!! Ahh! So exciting! I’ll keep her in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy. <3 <3

Song of the Day: Adele – Someone Like You
“Only yesterday was the time of our lives”

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