Thursday, 16 June 2011


I went to post that last one and the screen said "Server not Available" I almost freaked. Luckily, upon resending, it worked. Whew!
Anyways, after our duties with PC were done, we decided to wander the compound and see what ouroptions were for a good time. Our first stop was the internet cafe...where I'm currently writing this, although it's a few hours later. We foundout the cost of 1 hour of time on line (1500 shillings...aka $1 :) ) and I attempted to ask when they closed. The woman behind the desk knew much less swahili that anyone that we'd encountered before so she looked at me utterly confused while everyone else (and there were like 10 of us!) just let me struggle to reword my sentence so she'd understand. After about 3 rewordings, we summoned the power of our "Swahili phrase books" that we'd een given only hours before and frantically started looking up 'When do you close" to no avail. We found that the word "Basi" meant "What time..." so I wrote that on a piece of paper the woman gave me and drew a picture of a door closing next to it. Pictionary here I come! My ingenious was lost as she, and the rest of us, bursty into laughter as she attempted to dicipher my note. No luck. :) It was hilarious to see her laughter so hard at what I felt was a very very good depiction of a closing door :) finally, after a lot of miming, she realized what we were asking and told us 8pm. Thus, I'm on the computer at 6:40...typing you this. Oh the joys of the language barrier! :) Tanzanians are actually amazingly patient and friendly when it comes to learning their language, so I think that we are really luck to be here, in this country. Poa! ("Cool!")
After that ordeal, we wandered over to the bookstore where, while my co - pCTs were browsing...I popped my head in to a class of 6 Koreans who are doing the Korean equivalent to the Peace Corps called Kioca (I think). We started talking and it turns out they've been here since Friday, already know their placement sites and are going to be doing lots of different's a nurse, other teachers, etc. So cool. They leave here Saturday.
Finally finally finally, we made it to our final destination: the bar. :) We each grabbed beers or cokes and went to the mess hall (Canteen) to relax. Eventually like 15/20 people gathered and we spent the time recounting the days events, asking the PCV's what teaching in TZ was REALLY like (I'll go into those answers on another post...that could take a while...) and just being really ridiculous. I discovered that I could twirl my skirt if I spun fast enough. Hey, 18+ hours of flying, a lot of foreign food and bathrooms without toilet paper can make anyone a lil goofy. :)
But in reality, while I'm still tired, overwhelmed, and definitely sad (I really miss home and all the people I love...) I couldn't feel like this is more me. I'm happy. Things aren't perfect. I have a long, dirt road ahead of me, but I know that this is where I'm supposed to be. I hope I continue to feel that way. I know that the nights before bed are the hardest because that is when I miss everyone the most, but luckily, the day always always comes no matter what.
Until later - Karibou - Steph


  1. YAY! So glad you are posting. What BS are you talking about that we had with a min wage job?? :) Miss you tons! xoxo

  2. I should have noted that this is Cindy K!